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Live Open and Value Everything, 


Following Life’s Opportunities Wholeheartedly


Seek Evolution and Live Fully, which flows towards: Serving Electrifies Loving Fully


Focus Energy on Alternate Realities
When you feel or know there is something more, and you cannot put your finger on it… that is where ColorFlow LIFE steps in! We can help you move through the fog! Are you ready? Start with one brick, one step, one choice to Live Open to what might be possible, because you don’t know what you don’t know. Staying open to any possibility and recognizing the opportunities, taking them and finding value in each experience will help you evolve, grow, learn, adapt, change, and surprise even yourself. Don’t let your energy and attention get focused on FEAR. When we Focus Energy on Alternate Realities (that do not exist your reality), we cannot live in FLOW because we are frozen in place.


Another great podcast featuring Eva and her ideas around living in FLOW! May 29, 2019:  HOW TO GET ANYTHING YOU WANT IN LIFE: A lesson in following life’s opportunities by just going for it, with Eva Payne

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