Live Open and Value Everything, 


Following Life’s Opportunities Wholeheartedly


Seek Evolution and Live Fully, which flows towards: Serving Electrifies Loving Fully


Focus Energy on Alternate Realities

Martha and Colby Grow Up

HOW TO GET ANYTHING YOU WANT IN LIFE: A lesson in following life’s opportunities by just going for it, with Eva Payne.

Building Psychological Strength

Live Open; Value Everything This week, you’re going to meet a woman who went on an intentional quest to find FLOW, and now she’s sharing what she learned with the world in her new book.

One Sheet for Eva Payne

Eva’s One Sheet An Overview of Eva and her work, here is her one sheet. This can lead you in a podcast interview.


Eva and Shelley host a weekday morning podcast to give you ideas, perspective, and hope on how you can stay set to love so that you can flow for life.

What ideas do you have?

Eva hosted a mini podcast series on a few ideas to human better. 

THE FLOW LIFE FUNNEL Available Now On AMAZON.COM Ever wonder what the purpose of your life is or how you can experience it with more meaning? Do you feel as though something is missing and desire an improved quality of life?    How do we organize ourselves, our work, and our lives to better cultivate what people need to survive  and thrive each day? “The Flow Life Funnel” is a guide, a roadmap, to design a life in alignment with who you have always been and who you deeply desire to become. You can wake up everyday in love with what you are creating and who you are creating it with. Generating a meaningful life is possible when combining the eight layers of the Flow Life Funnel so you can move courageously toward your deepest heart’s desires.