About Eva

At heart, Eva is a pioneer and teacher. She has spent over 20 years cultivating leadership and self advocacy skills in thousands of participants through the nonprofit she began while in college, Project Kindle (www.projectkindle.org). She was recognized as a Volvo for Life Award Finalist, twice, and a L’ Oreal Woman of Worth. She has been featured in Family Circle Magazine, as a DirecTV Hometown Hero, on the Big 10 Networks “Live BIG”, and her summer camp has been featured in People Magazine, MTV, E!, and Nickelodeon. She is a self proclaimed “Leadership and Love Junkie” with a Masters in Leadership and Management. She is releasing her first book in March of 2020, “Let F.L.O.W. Lead”, hosts a podcast “SET 2 LOVE”, is a public motivational speaker,  and is opening an online academy to assist others to find their own flow in life. Her greatest joy is being a conscious Mother to six children age 19 through twin 8 year-olds. ColorFlow LIFE is the brainchild of Eva Payne (and whatever creative energy lives outside of us that simply is looking for a vessel to be created through). ColorFlow LIFE began with the dream and goal to help positively impact individuals and communities through wholehearted living. Through years of experience and research, Eva has discovered a “bridge of tools”. When implemented, these tools can transform the way a person approaches the challenges they face in life. When someone can break down the things that hold them back from experiencing life fully, they can learn to recognize and live in a state of happiness, success, and flow.