We come into this life with strengths, talents and a personality as unique as a fingerprint. As we experience FEAR, LOVE, & SELF, we create a picture of our life full of various colors and images that represent us – we are a masterpiece. As we live this life, we create a colorful portrait full of experiences. Our goal, whether we know it or not, is to find our unique FLOW. Experiences come in and we often move or don’t move based on our FEAR. Our Foundation is in LOVE – we desire it, we need it, we hope for it, we seek after it, we embrace it, we fear it. Our identity is tied into our SELF – who we are, how we label ourselves and others, that which defines our values, our careers, our family, our “I AM …”

When everything is going smoothly, life is happy, synchronicities and serendipitous moments happen constantly, it’s then that we are in FLOW with what we are meant to do at that time – our mission, our purpose, our passion. FLOW is a way of living, not just a an experience that happens when we are “zoned in” on one task. To have a life of flow, often we need to shift from what we know, or what is comfortable into the unknown.

When we can reframe how we see LOVE, FEAR, & SELF and they can work in harmony, we create FLOW. This is where pure joy and happiness resides; In our hearts. When we unapologetically ad wholeheartedly follow that which lights us up in side, in speaking our truth, in standing tall and boldly regardless of others, we are in our purpose and we lead with conviction and passion. In the center of it all, we find FLOW and become magical – seemingly walking on water.

L.O.V.E (Live Open; Value Everything) – Our Foundation

Without being able to live with an open mind, we hinder our growth. We miss the signs, and we lose sight of our passions and strengths. Living open to any and all possibilities keeps our brain neurons firing and creating new connections. And when we can find value in every situation, we let go of blame, we let go of needing to be right, and we can simply find peace. It is from this place of LOVE, call it a “LOVE Bridge”, that connects us to growth and those people, places, things, experiences we don’t yet understand or have a connection with yet – we don’t know what we don’t know. Learning to leave room in your heart for others truths, realities, passions, strengths or convictions, doesn’t invalidate your own, it simply creates room for both to co-exist in peace. Living from a place of LOVE allows one to embody empathy.

F.E.A.R (Focusing Energy on Alternate Realties)

We need to let go of FEAR or Focusing Energy on Alternate Realities. FEAR is the story we make up that sends our heart and mind racing. We make up outcomes to a “problem” for which we have no factual evidence will come to pass. We stress about it, we have anxiety about it, we tell ourselves one story and give it so much power that it morphs into an even bigger problem before it has even left your mind. We take our focus and put it on the emotions of possible outcomes rather than focusing our energy and love into the present moment. We can only live in this moment, right now, and right now, and right now. That is all there really is – so what will you do with your right now? Why waste your power giving it away to the fictitious storyteller of our inner critic?

S.E.L.F (Seeking Evolution and Live Fully)

We are here to Seek Evolution & Live Fully – that is the secret to happiness, success, joy, fulfillment, etc. When we can see that we are here to rotate between learning, failing, learning, growing, failing again, growing, etc., Life is about growth and seeking evolution – letting our soul evolve through various human experiences. For example, lets take the concepts of “good vs. bad”. Good and bad are simply designations made by any individual or group of individuals based on their own set of values, life experiences and perspectives? When we can Live Open to others peoples version of “good and bad”, then we have evolved our own depth in understanding empathy.

At the end of this life, we want to be able to look back and say, “I Lived Fully!” If today was your last day on earth in this reality, and you had 30 min to write what you learned what would you say? What if I asked you the question, “So, how did you do in this life?” What would you say? We are here not to “get it right”, we are here to evolve and for each of us, that path looks very different.

Life is all about our unique path through learning, taking chances, listening, failing, experiencing, losing, winning, hurting and healing – only then did we live fully. When we take the time to look after our gifts, love them, nurture them, and build them up; even when we were the only one doing it, that is stepping into our FLOW and knowing our SELF! Each moment we want to be able to say with a clear heart, “I am living to my potential today.” Whatever that looks like, it should be honored and respected.

F.L.O.W (Following Life’s Opportunities Wholeheartedly)

Often we can observe successful and/or happy people live a life of FLOW!! They are clearly fulfilling their destiny by honoring their talents and serving others. Often we think they are special or different – We see it and don’t even recognize that FLOW is available to us ALL!! We think they are an anomaly – but they are just in their own FLOW – they Followed Life’s Opportunities Wholeheartedly!

FLOW is about connecting all the signs around you, almost effortlessly directly directing you to your bliss. When you are in FLOW, you honor those signs, and you follow your bliss. When we can detach ourselves from the outcome and step, with courage, into moments we may FEAR we will see change. What seems like serendipitous synchronicities will start to happen and land you just further and faster into your strengthening your strengths, talents, and passion! You will find yourself surrounded by people who build you up, and you them. There is momentum to the project, the goal, the idea, or the movement, and there is effortlessness to it all. Time seems to fly by when you are in FLOW. When we admire others in FLOW, what we are admiring is that energy, because our souls yearn for it too, it is attractive and contagious!

When we are in FLOW, life is so good. We are serving others, we are in love with every moment of everyday, even when its hard, or sad, or too much – in these moments, we find the value in all things, we grow, we learn, we adapt to make our strengths, our passion and our purpose more clear, more defined. We can all live in FLOW and we should aim to live in FLOW. When we shine bright, we can create miracles through the amazing energy of a collective group of like-minded, loving, accepting, positive intentioned people who will be attracted to your light. Miracles will happen all around you, and you will step back, smile, feel your light grow, and say, “Wow, I co-created that with some amazing people!”