F.L.O.W. Toward Joy
 Hey Friends, I hope one idea spark’s something inside you to catapult your life into flow!  xoxo, Eva

Book Introduction

When life brings you to the doorstep of fear and chaos, do you have the tools to walk through it bravely and confidently? I believe we can all live a life in flow regardless of the life challenge before us. I believe we are all born with innate talents and strengths that can be used to better our own life and the lives of others. Throughout the following chapters, I present stories of personal insights, struggles, and lessons learned through a journey of seeking  to answer the question, “How does someone create a life that feels in flow with their deepest heart’s desires?” I have spent countless hours researching how not only I, but you, can intentionally wake up everyday excited for what is possible. I believe we can all manage the crazy when it smacks us unexpectedly. I invite you into my life to pick up lessons that might assist you and the ones you love in following life’s opportunities wholeheartedly so that we can more collectively live in joy.

When we take a REALLY, REALLY, REALLY deep breath, we transform. We inhale into our heart chakra, which is the deepest part of us. Our second brain. Our intuition. Our Wholeness. Here is where all the answers to everything we ever need reside at our disposal. Sometimes, we forget to breathe and slow the brakes on the “Crazy Town” train we have found ourselves on.

Crazy Town is a fictitious place that feels very real, where we act out our negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Chaos and fear reside in Crazy Town. Once we know how to recognize and avoid this place, we can learn to create a life in flow. Going to Crazy Town can feel as though we are pulled to the point of snapping and don’t know which choice to  make. It can be having a big dream, AND being SO afraid to say yes to it that it never comes to pass. Perhaps you’re facing a challenge and feel defeated with only negative outcomes plaguing your every thought. You may feel your heart racing and you can’t move.
Or, you spend far too much time ruminating over something from the past you cannot change! Being on the Crazy Town train will have you questioning, “Do I really have a purpose?”

When life hands you a doozy, do you go to Crazy Town, or do you breathe? Breathing gives you time to be mindful. Time provides choices and choices, thoughtfully made, lead to freedom from the entrapment of building a mental home in Crazy Town. Do you know how to listen and act on the impulses your intuition is offering up from a place of love? Do you have the skills to maneuver through the ebbs and flow life throws at you? Do you experience awe in your daily life? These are questions I hope to help you answer as you read through the ideas contained in this book.

My intention is to assist you in staying out of Crazy Town, so that you can discover and live in your own personal flow. Everything in nature has a natural rhythm and flow, and so do each of us! I have been defeated, lost, scared, unsure, and anxious. I have also become better at loving what was, flowing with what is, and striving for what can be. I know this is possible for you too! I wrote this book because in one of my darkest hours, I looked back to one of my brightest and found answers. These answers may assist you in getting through your dark hallway. In those experiences, I gained insight into what made that time flow so easily, even with the seemingly impossible challenges. Through building a nonprofit from scratch, I learned techniques and strategies which brought our team and myself incredible success through an unwavering desire to serve others collectively through our individual skill sets, talents, and passions. Over decades, I have experienced what it is like to be in a constant state of flow as an individual and within a collaborative group.

I propose human beings are designed to live in flow, beyond the occasional flow states. Living in flow is contentment with where you are right now, while creating a path for where you REALLY want to go! When you learn to reframe your story, you reframe your life.

What if, no matter what challenge came our way, we had the confidence to get through it? These chapters – aka ideas – are pathways to flow toward joy. In this existence, we can never entirely escape chaos and fear, but we can attain the wisdom to better manage the unexpected when it does pop up. I will share how you can reframe love, fear, and self so life works with us and not against us.

I also hope to prove intuition is more powerful than intellect. Through years of research and my own personal experiences, I have discovered a few key concepts to living in flow. Take what works and leave the rest. F.L.O.W. is Following Life’s Opportunities Wholeheartedly. It is knowing that you GET TO show up everyday versus HAVE TO show up. This could be how you show up to a relationship, to a challenge, your career, or your mindset. When we find a smooth rhythm in life, we will watch the people around us find it too. This is freedom. This is living in flow.

The following chapters and ideas are weaved in and out of stories from my life; a memoir of my journey toward concepts that helped me live more wholeheartedly. The stories toggle between personal discovery and self-help. As I was going through my dark hallway, I asked myself, “How can my journey be helpful for someone else one day?” Through the process of figuring out how to get out of my Crazy Town, I learned how to live in flow. I believe the self-help concepts I discovered through a big life change can allow you to create a meaningful existence you consciously allow to unfold everyday.

Each idea will touch on one of the following main concepts: Self Discovery, Reframing LOVE, FEAR and SELF, or How To Implement FLOW Strategies into Your Life. Through the pain of a complete life shift, I learned to be open to who I was and who I wanted to be. Once I was able to be real about my truth, I was open to what was possible.

Working through letting go of our past so that we can love what was allows room in our lives for a reframing of perceptions and perspectives. When we have an open heart and an open mind, we can set out and implement strategies for what we REALLY want to create AND how we want to serve through it. Fear and chaos hold us back from following life’s opportunities wholeheartedly. It is hard to see the opportunities in front of us when all we perceive is chaos or fear.

For me, I can now find joy in the small wins. I see the world through a lens of love. I am convinced, if more people saw the world through this lens of openness, we would be able to offer grace to others and ourselves. We would find new strategies to solve our personal and collective challenges. If living in flow can transform my life and the lives of those around me, you too can find value in the journey.

Today, through my own process of healing, which I share in the following chapters, I know we can all live each day in 51% joy. Life does not need to be perfect and in fact, leaving room for imperfection is beautiful. Feeling good about our individual process and journey is the fuel for flow. We can do our best to move toward the things that bring us the most joy. We do this by navigating through our fears in a kind way. I have learned to Follow Life’s Opportunities Wholeheartedly and I am so grateful for the chance to share this way of being with you. Thank you in advance for being open to new ideas through my personal stories of growth. Remember to take what works, and leave the rest!