When I create activities for the women’s group I facilitate I will add them below. For me, it is important to have practical real life tools to implement so I can start rewire the patterns in how I have always thought and/or responded.

It’s easy to read, “let go of fear” or “listen to your intuition” but when you have never done this before with complete awareness and on a conscious level, it can be a challenge to move in this direction without a little direction.

The below activities/exercises  I created with the help of my intuition “the real genius creator” and it may assist you in living and implementing the ColorFlow Life Model.

Expanding Fluidity Among Perceptions and Perspectives

Listening To Your Intuition

Wheel of Life Self Assessment

Making The Connections


Below are also different sources  I have learned about, which helped me. There are resources out there to help you  – we just don’t always know where to even start…so start here 🙂

  1. Psoas Exercise: Supposedly trauma is stored in the psoas and if we can do some simple stretches, we can release the built up trauma from our bodies. This is not suppose to be connected to the mind, so it is not triggering. There are a lot of videos on YouTube if you search “Psoas” and either exercise or trauma. Find on that works for you. If you would rather learn the technique in person you can visit a TRE program near you. Here is the link to the program in Los Angeles:   — I believe they have programs all over the world.
  2. Part of taking care of ourselves is to take care of our bodies. WATER … so much I could say about the importance of water. I have read so many articles and watched so many videos of the amazing power of water. Water really is life – I mean it is alive. We can send our intentions to the water we drink (I know it sounds CrAzY, but trust me…spend a little time looking up how water can change its properties with simple suggestions). If we can take out the soda, juice, and alcohol and give our bodies water that we have assigned a simple positive affirmation to, we can change the way our bodies feel.
  3. Meditation: This is key to good health, a clear mind, and being able to live open.
  4. Knowing your strengths. There are several offerings of strengths assessments out there. It is vital to know where you excel. Combining your passions and your strengths will lead to greatness and joy!