Let’s Create

I work from a heart centered space.  When I get off the phone with someone and know our conversation really made a difference, then I am fulfilling my life purpose.

When “the stars align”, we will have the support to show up in the world as our whole selves. This causes a ripple effect and without even knowing it, we serve others. There is a balance to heart structured living and together, we can show the world a different monetary exchange. Giving from the heart is always the best way.

90-Day FLOW Life Intensive
August – November, 2019
Culminating: Havasupai, AZ Nov 14-17
“Creating My ColorFlow Life”

This fall we will hike into Havasupai, AZ to discover FLOW (Following Life’s Opportunities Wholeheartedly) and support one another in doing the same. We will each bring our own talents, strengths, and gifts to this journey. Our main concepts and activities will center around LOVE (Living Open; Valuing Everything), letting go of FEAR (Focusing Energy on Alternate Realities), a deeper understanding of the SELF (Seeking Evolution; Living Fully) and hence a deeper recognition of our own intuition, which leads to our own FLOW. This is a heart centered program hosted by ColorFlow Life.

1:1 FLOW Life Coaching

My specialty is young women who are eager and ready for whatever the next chapter brings! The ideal client is ambitious, fun, flexible, and more than likely … totally confused on where to go next.

I work with men and women age 13 and up, one-on-one to help them discover and implement FLOW into their life. Similar to traditional “Life Coaching”, we meet via zoom or phone call for 30-90 min sessions to connect. I am a strategist and together, we work to develop out your FLOW Life Funnel. This is a model I created after I dissected what made me so successful as a young entrepreneur. I then matched it up against some of todays most successful business owners, creators, and influencers, thus creating the “FLOW Life Funnel”.

In addition, I listen to your challenges and successes. From there, my own intuition kicks in and the resources, possible ideas, and support comes flowing in. I may text you a great video, quote, or simply offer an array of possible techniques to help you increase your own intuition and discernment. I truly believe all the answers you have ever wanted or needed are already inside of you. I believe the universe has your back and when you can start to see the synchronicities for yourself, you learn to trust your own choices, stand in your own truth, and approach each day with bliss! Reach out!

FLOW Life Academy

The online academy teaches courses on how to live a more fulfilled life in flow. The 6-week courses are self-paced, designed in 30 sessions (five per week, over six weeks) each session is 20-minutes of an audio class (think podcast), covering one main idea and one main action item to lead you closer to living in FLOW.

The course offers a deeper dive into the concepts covered in the book, “Ideas to Human Better”, which are: LOVE, FEAR, SELF, FLOW, The FLOW Life Funnel, Crazy Town and other leadership tools to assist you in obtaining the life of your deepest hearts desires. There is a system for discovering what will bring you the most joy, and these online courses will walk you through the tools to unleash your potential for the greater good.

The school opens November 1, 2019!

Mindful Monday’s

Each Monday we (the ColorFlow community) work to practice Mindfulness through grounding activities. We invite others to do these activities with us. Our goal is to create stronger human connections with one another, wake up to our own truths, feelings, and way of being. We practice living open, finding the value in all things, and continuing to seek evolution that resonates with our souls. Join the Monday Mindful Movement by simply starting something in your community or simply with yourself, your friends, your family and/or your co-workers.


I am available for workshops or speaking engagements. Public speaking and facilitating workshops has been a big part of the last 20 years of my life. It is an honor and privilege to work with you and your company in this way. I want to know your goals for the presentation, talk or workshop. What do you hope to have the audience learn, feel, or want from this interaction? Together, we will change lives!


I have spent over 20 years in leadership roles where my creativity in problem solving, idea generation, ability to maximize what is available, pioneer and teaching/coaching approach has positively changed the lives of thousands of people. This ability to first understand the “problem” and find many possible avenues towards a solution is second nature. I truly love serving by utilizing my talents, strengths, and time to assist others in living a wholehearted life. I know one person  can change the lives of countless others, therefore, being able to help you reach bliss, helps all those around you and the ripple effect is in motion. Together, we can create a world community of happiness and success.

Lets work together to brainstorm how to make your career, company, and/or personal life one where you wake up each day, cannot wait to put your feet on the ground, and live fully.

I look forward to hearing from you!!