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“Joining Eva on the COLORFLOW journey has been wonderfully transformative for me. To deeply connect with a person who shares in your passion to help others truly connect to the peaceful flow of the universe has been nothing short of blissful. Her dedication to using her intuitive, loving talents knows no bounds. Her leadership has helped so many people and she will continue to inspire and ignite others through her work. I love her like a sister and once you meet her you will, too.” – Laura T., Omaha, NE


“I was contacted by a dear friend from my high school days about a group she was starting to help empower women through the strength of other women.  I was in a difficult place in my life and although this was a difficult concept to grasp for me especially being a very independent woman, I decided to give this group a try, maybe more as a way to reconnect with a dear friend from my childhood.  It wasn’t long into our group calls that I realized how powerful this concept and well led group would be.  A group of women, from all different walks of life, all different stages of life, all different experiences in life came together and was able to lift each other up, give strength when needed and love all the time.  We explored concepts of how to perceive experiences differently, how to live life to the fullest and how to create happiness for ourselves even in dark moments.  I have made leaps and bounds on my personal journey because of the love, support and skills brought to me by these women and especially from the creator of the group and my dear friend Eva!  My inner skeptic and critic was certainly hushed!” – Rachel G., Minnesota

Thank You

  Thank you to all the ladies who share their testimonies, either here or privately! Your feedback provides important information for me and others as we move through our own Flow Lives!
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